Nettuno Residence Diving - Sorrento

Sorrento and Amalfi Coast
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Nettuno Residence Diving - Sorrento

Underwater Archaeology

The experience gained in over 15 years of activities in the underwater Archaeological Park of Baiae has paved the way to the establishment of the school of underwater archaeology “ArcheoSub Baios”. Baios is the name of the legendary helmsman of Ulysses, from whom the name Baiae is derived. The school is a significant service centre in the field of underwater archaeological training.

By partnering with organizations, institutions and professionals, courses are organized in underwater archaeology for volunteer archaeologists (amateur and professional) and higher education purposes.

Each year we organize the following courses:

• Underwater Archaeological Volunteer Fieldwork
• Introduction to Underwater Archaeology
• Advanced Underwater Archaeology
• Underwater Archaeological Photography
• Higher Education in Underwater Archaeology
• Nautical Archaeology Society (NAS) courses
• PADI Distinctive Speciality: Underwater Archaeology Diver

Responsible Underwater Archaeologist
Dott. Michele Stefanile
Oriental University of Naples


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